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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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how come mine isn't in the the prompter? andrea: good to have you. harris: i get a kiss. we'll stay right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web."outnumbered." click on overtime tab. jump on the live chat. back noon tomorrow. we have a fox news alert. president obama standing shoulder to shoulder with nato saying the alliiance is key to the free world. >> the president said we are living in tumultuous times and europe is a focal point. >> news of a wild republican race. the republican leaders are looking at house speaker paul ryan as a potential nominee. >> plus, a florida teen had a wild ride. >> coming out when he stole a cop car and went on the run.
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>> the joyride came to a screeching halt. >> and there is nothing to do with the disappearance of lacy. >> a brand new look of scott and the murder of him and his wife the victim. it is all "happening now". >> first the high stakes battle of wisconsin with less than 24 hours to go. they face a crucial primary with new momentum or damper the dreams of living in the white house. i am eric shaun in for jon scott. >> i am heather in for jenna lee. new polls are showing ted cruz leading rump trump in wisconsin and kasich in the third. a lot riding on the outcome, no one is conceding anything at
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this point. kasich is in new york today while trump and cruz are criss-crossing wisconsin in the final hours before going to the polls, each one standing confident about their chances. >> we are seeing victory after victory on the grassroots in wisconsin tomorrow. wisconsin, this race has natural implications. >> i believe tomorrow we'll have a very, very big victory. >> republicans going after 42 delegates and the democrats 86 in a race looking close between hillary clinton and sanders. ed henry is following the democrats today. and carl cameron is covering the republicans. we have them live for us in milwaukee. hi, there. >> reporter: donald trump
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thinks he might have a come from behind surge. and upset ted cruz' ability to win wisconsin. and john kasich, donald trump would like to see get out of the race and it will not happen. john kasich is going to the convention in july in cleveland. so wisconsin is a stop on the way side. and he doesn't expect to win but he will stay in and here is a little bit of ted cruz and donald trump sparring. >> if we don't win here, it is not over, but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin for ending. give wisconsin the credit for ending it. and focus on hillary instead of these two guys. >> ted cruz has been leading in the polls and knows it and aggressively to put it in a win
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column for him and donald trump would like to stop that and get john kasich out of the race. he will not bow out. he will be quizzed about it. but it is generally assumed that john kasich will be in the race all the way to cleveland. and as a consequence, the question of whether or not donald trump can win the delegate count when the nomination is bestoued. donald trump could be in trouble. it is likely that both ted cruz and john kasich will stay in the race and chip away the delegate count and make an argument to the republicans that it is not donald trump and he is not prepared and ted cruz is and john kasich.
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he has experience as a legislator and executive governor of ohio and ted cruz is a freshman senator but able to best donald trump when it comes to actual substance and ideas and donald trump has been stumbling on things of abortion and foreign policy and there is a question as to whether or not cruz can ultimately overtake trump even though he has the votes and won more states. as we get closer to the convention. >> carl, thank you, and that brings us to eric. >> you heard the growing buzz in the republican circles about a familiar name being the nominee. the establishment sees paul ryan as a white knight to it stop trump. he's in israel where the rumors are swirling and lays out
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a possibly scenario how ryan could end up on the top of the gop ticket. he has a prediction record and 60 percent chance of a convention dead lock and the delegates turn to ryan and ergo he will start chairman of the republican nom no and end as nominee. and how would primary voters react. here is the congressional correspo correspondent. susan what do you think really are the odds? >> it would be unpres depted and i really at this point, it is unlikely based on the things we heard from reince priebus he believes it will be one of the three running.
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for the republicans to go outside of the candidates that have been voted on would be unlikely but not impossible. >> what if it is it so fractured they turn to him? >> they could. and in fact i think they would like to turn to him. but repercussions would blow up the party. they are selecting someone that no one voted for and that is a bold dramatic step. kasich is a more likely option at this point. but there is a strong design for a nontrump candidate and they love paul ryan. and he's speaker of the house and shown he could do it. he lost as vice-president and he didn't win and 65 percent of the electorate voted for cruz or trump. and so putting ryan in guaranteeing they would lose the
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election. >> the trump and cruz voters think it is shoufed down their vote? >> that is a risk for the party if they did go for somebody who has not even run and much less in the finals of three contestants, they lose the energy that trump brought to the party and cruz brought, too. paul ryan doesn't have the ability to feel new and fresh and quiet tested and vetted. and a lot of pluses for paul ryan and a lot of risk, too. >> he said he will not do it. he gave a quote. if you are going to be president, you should start in iowa and run and campaign. he cited his young family and skipped that. and he's like general sherman. about the house speakership.
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i am not doing it and i travel too much with a young family and sat in the living room and thought and now house speaker. >> part of the speculation about ryan. he said no once to speaker and he ended up becoming speaker of the house because they talked him into it. everyone can envision it when the republican establishment said we need you and you have to do it and step in and save the party. we are worried that a trump candidacy will take our party and cause permanent damage. that is a republican establishment view and ryan is the best person to do that. will he stick to his guns and say i don't want this. >> we have seen this movie before and it worked? >> a lot of ryan supporters didn't want him to take the house speakership position because they thought it would
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prevent him for running for president. and it would be a lot of irony if that is part of the path way to being a contested candidate and he will open and chair and a lot of tap dancing that would have to be done if paul ryan is doing that. >> it would be a summer! >> on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking different approaches to wisconsin and new york. sanders holding a rally in wisconsin where voters will cast ballots tomorrow. he has a narrow lead in wisconsin, but clinton is moving to new york and rallying with the governor of new york. new yorkers will hit the poll ps in two weeks. ed henry has a glance at that in new york city. >> reporter: the rally just wrapped up and with secretary
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clinton and governor cuomo as you suggest. she campaigned in her adopted state for five of the last six days and one day in wisconsin over the weekend. that is a sign that she conceded wisconsin primary and putting a focus on the empire state. she has a big delegate lead and look past bernie sanders and attack donald trump. >> donald trump said wages are too high. and a lot of members of his party agree, right? he's fired. that's funny. >> reporter: now clinton may not want to focus on sanders. but sanders is in wisconsin yet
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again and mocked h by saying he didn't want her to be get more nervous because he up with the contest. he will win wisconsin on today and make a strong run in new york and attacked her this way. >> i am not a candidate who goes to the unions and works and fundraiser with wall street. >> reporter: governor cuomo defended hillary clinton against sanders' attack saying he is all talk and no action. interesting precursor of what would likely be a big brawl here in new york. >> thank you. you know fox news channel is the place to be in wisconsin. results as they come in, we'll
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desect them and heather going back to her home state. >> i will talk to the voters and bring you cleez curds. and police car speeds through traffic before smashing in the side of the restaurant. >> i was on the phone with my mom and minding my own business and then boom. >> you will not believe who was behind the whole. millions of worker ares in our largest state about to get a raise. how much they are going to get. who do you think will win the republican primary tomorrow in wisconsin. go to, we'll check it out, right eric. we'll be right back. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. california is the first
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state. and governor jerry brown signed the law saying that the change will go in effect over six years. others ruling that it will hurt small businesses and economy. hi, johnathon. >> reporter: the most popular state in the nation is the leader in the ongoing battle over minimum wage. first from going to $15 an hour. that will not be reached until 2022. incremental raises from 2017 from current hike of $10 upon an hour. he signed it in the law, governor jerry brown said it was the right thing to do.
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>> it is about people. it is about creating a little tiny balance in a system that every day becomes more unbalanced. >> now nearly one in three california workers some five and half million will be affected by the increase. the critics worry about the pressure on small business. the california commerce and restaurant soeshgdz warned that the increases are too much too fast. and critics say it could be devastating for small businesses in particular. >> you may have a situation where you raise the rate and everybody has to make a minimumerate of $15 an hour. and people will lay off people. instead of two people for $15 an hour. one person for are 15 and the other person loses their job. >> reporter: the increase
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doesn't take in to account the wide economic disparities. it is now low. $15 is on the way and obviously supporters hope that other states will follow california's lead. >> that will start in three years, heather. >> a teen steals a police car and take its for a wide joyride in florida. the boy's mom suspected he was involved in a robbery. and when police officers arrived. the escape-year-old took the cruiser. the young driver hit several vehicleses and plows in a restaurant. >> i am still in shock. you are not safe on a saturday afternoon. and going to a stoplight without getting hit in the back. >> no kidding.
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the teenager was arrested. a james bond political thriller and a secret offshore account leads to vladimar putin and there is shady financial dealings among the rich and famous. all this on hillary clinton, stepping up attacks on donald trump and bernie sanders. he is g gaining momentum and is she feeling the heat with bernie breaking down her neck. the debate on fair and balanced up next. emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking)
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>> right now hillary clinton on on the defensive as bernie sanders gains momentum.
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over the weekend, the front runner tried to paint the vermont senator as someone who would not be loyal to the democratic party. >> i have been a proud democrat all of my a dult life. i think that is important if we are selecting a democratic nominee of the democratic party. >> touche. sanders is firing back saying clinton is feeling the heat. >> the secretary of state is getting nervous. polls show us doing better against trump than she is. >> clinton is gearing up with attacks, trump is saying that clinton is weak and incompetent. julie is a strategist and mike is a radio host. fox news contributors and great to see you.
10:25 am
julie, she said he's not a democrat and hasn't raised money. >> she's right. he's not been a registered democratic and refused to it say he would raise money is a huge deal. if trump is the nominee, the house may be in play. and it is a huge deal. you want the nominee to help out. >> it is fun for me to watch the democrats mix it up. but bernie sanders makes hillary clinton a better candidate. and nice to see her lash out. the perception is that she is robotic. and he's getting under her skin and nice to see her lash out. >> point the finger and getangry. we are along with her on the campaign trail. she spent last of the five days
10:26 am
in new york and not wisconsin. is new york more important to her? >> two reasons, much more delegate rich and she needs to do. >> she's lost recent contest. >> but if she wins new york, and she can't afford to lose her home adopted home state and bernie sanders's native. she must do well had here. she has to do well to maintain momentum. >> she's fighting the likeability. her unfavorables with woman. last poll 58 percent. trump is 60 something. >> it is certainly not for a woman. wisconsin, sanders is doing big events in huge forums and she is not. >> and people see bernie sanders.
10:27 am
and they love the cranky guy. >> he started mocking her and won in several contest recently and said i am not a candidate who goes to unions and then to wall street. setting up the tension, and putting a hand out to wall street money and then going to the unions. >> he regrets not after her on this issue much earlier. but be clear. she leads with the super delegate which i think is horrible with the democrats. and it is impossible for him to get p the nominee. >> mike, on meet the press over the weekend, she was asked about the e-mail server scandal. here's her response. >> i sent e-mails to government employees on their government accounts. i had every reason to believe
10:28 am
they were in the government system. it was a matter of convenience and i don't think anything inappropriate was done. i have to let them resolve their security. i am not worried about it. >> they will go after her on the e-mail serve isser. it was mike huckabee, if you think the clinton's have a powerful machine. what trump will do to her, it will make her machine like a welcome wagon. >> there is a delegate balance. he has a woman issue and he has to be careful. >> but be clear about donald trump. he is effective at taking apart jeb bush and marco rubio's, he will be on a one-on-one with a negatives are built in as for trump. his trumps are higher than hers are despite that they are weak
10:29 am
general election candidates. he can go after her, he's liked 35 percent of the republican base. majority of the republicans hate him. >> but the same rules don't apply to her. she is not a wilting wall flower. >> no question. they are not. he is weaker than. it is what the poll p say. his negatives with the white men. >> ten second ises. >> what he throws at her is different than carly fiorina. this will be a blast to it watch. >> it is a blast to watch you two together. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> eric to you. >> having a blast with all of you guys. the major league in a international scandal and
10:30 am
alleging that. >> and film of scott petersen questions the evidence that sent him to death row. our legal panel will explain. you're late for work.
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story. the richa and famous have billions in offshore accounts. many heads of state listed among them including the family of assad of syria and putin and gaddafi and mubarak. they published the findings. they are live for us in rome. this is something else. >> it really is. it goes to show how much money and power is tied up in the murky world of offshore accounts and shell company. how much is legal or illegal and a matter of privacy and pilferring of money of
10:35 am
taxpayers. two of his cloet closest friends one is a celloist. and another is a top share holder in a russian bank. there is assumptions that putin is the richest man in the world and has his friends watch his money. the kremlin said it is a hack job and the height of putin phobia to influence elections in russia. ukraine president stands accused of putting his chocolate factory offshore. he claimed there is nothing wrong with that. the prime minister of iceland caught up in the scandal. he stormed off of the set of
10:36 am
a tv interview. opposition parties are calling for a snap election. they have strongly denied any accusations of wrongdoing here in the "panama papers". offshore banking is not necessarily illegal. but it is often used for money laundering and corruption. so much is going on. >> raises a lot of questions. amy kellogg live in rome. a trial by fury p the scott petersen guilty verdict. prosecutors allege that his
10:37 am
motive was to escape married life and impending fatherhood. the documentary suggested that the public and police were compliceit in convicting petersen. he is currently on death row. does the film raise credible points? the former prosecutor attorney and heather hensen. trial attorney. >> you got the jury and legal process and say they were brain washed and that's why he is on death row? >> you can make the movies, but try to say the jury got it wrong and the media through the appellet process is wrong. the appeals are based on legal reasons. this movie is an attempt to influence the legal process.
10:38 am
>> sometimes investigations, when it is objective, can raise points and free a get person? >> i wrote about the case and suggested that scott petersen was not get. i had to put p myself in the witness protection program. this is a polarizing case. but when you look at it strictly through the criminal defense goggles, there are pieces that are missing. that is to say he was not get. how did he do it or did he strangle or stab her. how did he kill his wife? >> and the thing is, circumstantial evidence is enough. and the jury found it was enough. only thing i found interesting is the idea that the phones were starting to be used.
10:39 am
and that was allowed in the courtroom. and the jury was not sequestered. there may have been influence there. >> that is part of the appeal. >> but it is not raised in money as to before the judge. the jurors in this case gave their time and lives to this. >> his appeal is pending. i don't know the affect of the movie. but jurors and witnesses and prosecutors, are able to get 15 minutes of fame. i don't think they would not convict him because of a heinous crime and beautiful woman and christmas time and pregnant. >> when you look at the evidence, what is important in implicating him? >> i want to say after the fact when he attempted to get out of dodge by coloring his hair.
10:40 am
i think there was an affair and that is motive. if he was completely utterly unlikeable. and he talked to his mother. >> it doesn't make him a murderer by being unlikeable. >> one pearl are at a time makes a case. >> that caused a fire storm. are we entering into a new age that films raise questions that may not be journalistically balanced? >> you canny zoo the o.j. simpson movie. they want to recreate the crime and find pieces. no crime is perfect and no defense is perfect. >> there is entertainment factor. i get sucked in to this the way it is. >> just going to binge watch. >> we'll see if it is
10:41 am
legitimate. thank you, guys. >> i will protest. all right. ladies, thank you so much. >> understands of migrants fleeing war torn areas. a now plan from the european union that is getting a lot of back lash. and we'll tell you why it woshs. and drone delivery. these drop offs could be a lifesaver somewhere else. and how they could make a difference in the medical world. we'll be right back. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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>> right now, more than 200 refugees, making as far as greece are headed back to turkey. >> here is the latest from london. what is controversial. >> reporter: europe is struggling to find a solution. they are trying to it stop the crossing on the waters that kill so many every year. and today deportations begin. 200 migrants will be forcibly
10:46 am
returned. a different syrian refugee will be sent on to europe. where it gets controversial, the majority of the migrants come from pakistan and bangladesh. and as such. it is turkey's role to put them back in the original country. this is a deal between europe and turkey. and they will get aid and a visa wafer program. but they are trying to crack the smuggling routes. and today, it just seemed they were not being stopped. they were busy pulling 173 mi grants out of the sea. 339 arrived today. it seems more people are coming than being deported. deporting them this way is not a solution and force more dangerous route by sea or land.
10:47 am
and a lot of people saying it is a short term plan. it is weeks or months before we know if it works at all. >> a fight against terrorism in the holy land. they are demolishing the homes of three palestinian who wounded and attacked. this is part of the tragic series of shootings. israel said the home demolition deter future attacks. >> medical supplies to rand by drones. they are spearheading a new operation. starting in july they will air drop crucial medical supplies to
10:48 am
harto reach areas. >> it is hard to make sure people have access. zip line is designed to allow public health care systems to always make a delivery when someone is in trouble. >> they will drop cardboard boxes. and they are quicker and more reliable. interesting. it may be spring but the winter weather is not letting up. and so what is coming up? we'll have your springy winter forecast ahead. >> a boy, setting up a lemonade stand for a great cause. how he used it to help police and fire department. >> if you are just selling lemonade you don't have many cars. but if you are selling money to
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hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. we have a new interview with ted cruz about donald trump retweeting that unflattering photo of cruz's wife and whether or not cruz has been faithful to here. brand-new reaction you don't want to miss. plus, donald trump ace campaign manager sends an internal memo titled digging through the b.s. what b.s. is he talking about? we will find out right here. and could the d.c. madam affect the presidential race? the list has been called upon to be released. "the real story" on that minutes from now. weather in the northeast and
10:53 am
midwest. police are blaming whiteout conditions on a 12-car pile up on a busy highway. in maryland, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour knocking down power lines and trees causing widespread damage to homes and businesses across the state. we lost power for a bit yesterday. janice, i think you did, too. our senior meteorologist janice dean joins us live. just a short while ago saw snow in wisconsin. it looks like a blizzard there. >> you are right. we see the clipper systems moving into the northwest and diving to the northeast. we saw 60 miles an hour winds yesterday. it continues. kohler than average temperatures for the next couple of days as this arctic plunge moves in it. it does not feel lying springtime at all. and then we've got wind chills on top of that. into the teens across the great lakes. feels like 17 in boston. 40 here in new york.
10:54 am
that's the last 24 hours. this storm moves through, still getting a lot of snow across new england. a couple of inches here. the last snowfall they say just yesterday, over six inches in some areas. we'll continue to see this mess throughout the day today and then we'll clear out tonight. the temperatures, though, are going to drop. in some cases we could see record-setting cold temperatures overnight tonight. then tomorrow. and then we're not done yet. we have another storm system that actually could affect polling tomorrow in wisconsin. and that's going to move across the northeast wednesday and thursday. a lot of weather to talk about. look at the forecast in terms of snowfall. a couple of inches across new england with this next storm system. and then across the great lakes and wisconsin. tomorrow we are going to be dealing with more snow in the forecast, and colder than average temperatures. so certainly, heather, something we are going to be watches in wisconsin. and the cold air remains with us at least until mid-week. >> canada, just take that
10:55 am
weather back up north with you. send it up to your mom. >> you know i would be pushing it that way if i could. >> you would, too. we have got to see this video a. police chase bringing rush hour traffic to a halt on california's bay bridge. it turned out it didn't involve the usual kind of suspect. police were trying to catch a little guy, a chihuahua running across the long bridge over the bay from oakland and san francisco. as you can see an officer on a motorcycle trying to corral if critter. he escaped. then police officers eventually did catch up to the pooch. they are trying to fine the owner. they named the guy ponch after eric estrada's chp character on chips. look at him run. >> they closed down part of the bridge for ponch. love it. two boys in missouri working hard to say thank you to first responders in their town.
10:56 am
they set up a lemonade stand to raise money for sweet treats. after earning $50 they bought donuts for the police officers and cinnamon rolls for the fire department. one of the little salesmen said it was the least they could do. >> they protect us. every single one of us. if we didn't have them, our world would be a pok elliptic -- apocalyptic. and it would be rampage all over. >> love him. the officers showed the kids the inside of a patrol car as a thank you. nothing better than that for little boys. >> bless them for their effort and their support. an artist showcasing his foefrs photographs under the sea. what do you have to do to look at this kpubt? in our final 30, straight ahead.
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time for our final 30.
11:00 am
an underwater art museum. divers installing a dozen pictures on an artificial reef 90 feet below the sea in florida. they are protected from the water, sealed in silicone. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here on wednesday. i'm headed off to wisconsin. "the real story" with grechen starts now. the wisconsin primary is almost here. 42 delegates at stake tomorrow. the only ones up for grabs this week. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the story stor"the rea." wisconsin primary is shaping as a pivotal one. ted cruz looking to catch up to donald trump as the front-runner tries to get closer to the magic


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